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Our Process

At Purradox Sphynxery, we believe in making the adoption process as transparent and supportive as possible. We welcome your interest and are thrilled you're considering making a lifelong commitment to one of our beautiful sphynx kittens. Below are the steps to guide you through the adoption journey and bringing home your next family member.

Step 1: Kitten Application

The first step in purchasing a kitten from Purradox Sphynxery is to fill out our Kitten Application. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have, and for us to ensure our kittens are going to loving homes. You can find the answers to basic questions on our FAQS page. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have once a questionnaire has been completed. Preview our Contract/Agreement here.

Step 2: Choose A Kitten

Once your application is approved, you may choose a kitten at any time. We will discuss our Adoption Agreement terms and the rest of our adoption process. We are happy to video chat with you so you know we are real people.

Step 3: Submit Kitten Reservation Fee

Once you select a kitten, you can reserve it by submitting a 30% non-refundable reservation fee. The reservation fee ensures the kitten of your choice is reserved exclusively for you. Once reserved, we no longer advertise the kitten for adoption which is why reservation fees are not refundable. The signed Adoption Contract is due at the time of deposit. For electronic payments, additional processing fees will apply to cover charges of the platform being used. This is usually around 3-3.5% depending on the platform. We accept all major credit/debit cards through Square, Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal.

Step 4: Updates

From the moment you reserve a kitten, you'll receive updates as they grow. I will include pictures, videos or any significant milestones.

Step 5: Preparing for Homecoming

Your kitten will be ready to go home at 14-16 weeks of age. By this time, they will have received:

  • Deworming

  • 2 FVRCP Vaccines

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • Microchip

  • Spay/Neuter

  • Veterinary Issued Health Certificate

  • Our Parent Cats are tested FIV/FeLV negative, hcmDNA screened and scanned once yearly by Echocardiogram for HCM.

  • Kittens will also go home with a cute outfit, blanket, sample bag of food and a fresh bath, ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

Step 6: Homecoming

Once your kitten reaches 14-16 weeks of age, is fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered, it will be ready to go home. You may arrange for pick up in person or inquire about our hand courier service. We will only send kittens in cabin with a real person to manage their care. Full payment must be made before your kitten can go home. Once your kitten is fully vetted and ready to go, full payment will be expected in a timely manner. Purradox Sphynxery reserves the right to cancel your adoption/reservation for nonpayment at any time. The kitten would be placed up for adoption again if a reservation is cancelled. We do allow you to pay for your kitten in person, at pick up, if you are coming to the cattery. If you are choosing our hand courier service, the kitten must be paid in full  2 weeks before departure. Your kitten will come with documentation of all vetting, vaccines, and other essential records. If you choose to pay electronically, additional processing fees will apply to cover charges of the platform being used (3-3.5%).

We do not send kittens home early, as they need their mother to learn appropriate behaviors and to develop emotionally. Kittens have a 3 pound minimum weight requirement for spay/neuter and must be 12 weeks old before Rabies vaccines can be administered. It is important to us to have your kitten fully vaccinated before it leaves the cattery. We know getting your kitten as tiny as possible is important to you. We prioritize the health and well being of our kittens and their proper development physically and emotionally.

Courier Service

We offer a courier service by hand at an additional cost.  If you choose a courier service, this expense will be separate from the kitten in your adoption agreement.

Thank you for choosing Purradox Sphynxery, where quality meets compassion.

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