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Sphynx Cat Care Guide

Welcome to the Purradox Sphynxery Cat Care Guide! Owning a Sphynx is a unique experience, rewarding in many ways, but also requiring some special considerations. Unlike other breeds, Sphynx cats have specific needs due to their lack of fur, metabolism, and social tendencies. Here's everything you need to know to offer your Sphynx the highest quality of life.

Skin Care

  1. Cleanliness: Due to the absence of fur, Sphynx cats produce oils that are not absorbed by hair, leading to oily skin. Cleansing with a mild soap and warm, wet microfiber cloth is the primary method recommended. Occasional baths may be needed, but only if your sphynx is very dirty.

  2. Use Hypoallergenic Soap: Opt for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free soap to prevent skin irritation.

  3. Dry Thoroughly: Make sure to dry your Sphynx completely after each bath to prevent fungal infections

  4. Provide a heated bed for your sphynx after cleansing. Keeping them warm is very important so they do not become ill.

  5. Nail Trimming: Keeping your Sphynx nails trimmed once a month is recommended. This will help prevent furniture scratching and scratches on your skin. Some cats tolerate nail caps and others just chew them off. Declawing is never recommended for your Sphynx. It is against our adoption policy and we consider it inhumane. If having claws is an issue for you, there are other types of pets you can own.


  1. High-Quality Food: Sphynx cats have a fast metabolism and require more food than other breeds. High-quality wet food rich in protein is often recommended.

  2. Feeding Schedule: Due to their high metabolism, many Sphynx cats benefit from free feeding opposed to scheduled feeds.

  3. Avoid Human Food: Stick to cat-specific food and avoid feeding them human food to prevent digestive issues. Never give cats cow's milk.

Temperature Regulation

  1. Keep Them Warm: Due to lack of fur, Sphynx cats are sensitive to temperature changes. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and consider providing a heated bed. Sphynx benefit from access to a warm blanket at all times and some owners choose to using pet clothing in the winter.

  2. Sun Protection: These cats are prone to sunburn. Limit their exposure to direct sunlight and consider applying pet-safe sunscreen.

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Exercise & Play

  1. Interactive Toys: Sphynx cats are highly energetic and playful. Invest in interactive toys that challenge their minds.

  2. Regular Exercise: Ensure your cat gets plenty of physical activity to maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone. The One Fast Cat Wheel is a good recommendation for indoor cats, especially kittens. It gives them a place to run their zoomies and release excess energy.

  3. Safe Exploration: If you let your Sphynx outside, make sure it is in a secure and safe environment, preferably supervised. Catios and screened in porches are great ways to give your cat access to sunlight and fresh air safely. Some owners choose to walk their cats on a leash and harness. Be very careful doing this, as cats are very agile. They can slip out of a harness and potentially be lost. I would proceed with caution anytime you use a pet harness and make sure it is functioning properly indoors before trusting it outdoors.

Health Check-Ups

  1. Routine Vet Visits: Schedule annual check-ups with a veterinarian familiar with the Sphynx breed. Not all vets are cat people and this is certainly reflective in their knowledge of cat health.

  2. Vaccinations: Keep up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and heart protection.

  3. Oral Health: Sphynx cats are prone to dental issues. Dental cleanings are recommended.

Socialization and Bonding

  1. Quality Time: Sphynx cats are social animals that crave human interaction. Spend quality time with your pet to satisfy their social needs. Sphynx cats benefit from having another animal companion, whether it be another cat or dog they can cuddle with.

  2. Safe Introductions: If you have other pets, introduce them slowly and under supervision.

Additional Supplies

  1. Clothing: Many Sphynx owners opt for specialized cat clothing to keep their pets warm.

  2. Scratching Post: To keep their nails in check and offer a form of exercise, a scratching post is advisable.

  3. Litter Box: Keep a clean litter box and consider using unscented, dust-free litter to prevent respiratory issues.

Thank you for choosing to educate yourself about the needs of this wonderful breed. With proper care, your Sphynx will not just survive but thrive, providing you with endless joy and companionship. Feel free to reach out to us at Purradox Sphynxery for any more questions or personalized advice.

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